Friday, September 3, 2021

Learn fast and easy guitar instruction for beginners

People ask me on a regular basis how I learned to play the guitar. I always respond with "Lots and lots of practice and hardwork." See, I took the long road with my guitar instruction when I was a beginner. I sat at home with some tablature I printed out, and started learning to play Counting Crows. I took so long to become proficient. My problem was that I didn't actually have any beginner guitar instruction. I was a man with no plan in high school with tons of time to kill. I guess it was fine for me at the time, but I could've learned more in weeks than I did in years!

It would have helped me out so much if I had someone to show me how to hold my pick, tune my guitar, do a proper hammer-on, alternate different picking patterns, and basically take me through everything step by step. Later on I even had "private lessons" when I took guitar class at my local community college, but it was only 2 hours a week, and you can only get so much guitar instruction from such a short amount of time with an instructor. Although I liked my teacher and the techniques he taught me were great, I always wanted more instruction.

I've seen some guitar programs that start out at three hundred bucks, and that just isn't affordable, but I've recently had the opportunity to review Guitar SuperStars, and I love this guitar instruction program (and it's under $50 bucks!!). They also offer tons of other stuff at that price.

There are hundreds of instructional videos for guitar in tons of categories, including beginner chords and bar chords as well as rock licks, finger-tapping, scales, big poor sound, acoustic technique (stage presence), electric technique, and many more.

Get instant access to 7 different instructors who will help you master the guitar.

This jam machine is great for playing along to music in certain genres, keys, and tempos. This will improve your playing and allow you to develop your stage improvisational skills.

Members have exclusive access to an area that allows you to meet other musicians at the exact same level for networking and even starting your own band.

Guitar SuperStars offers resources that other guitar instructional programs charge hundreds of dollars for and they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. Instant download technology eliminates packaging, shipping, handling and marketing costs. This makes it affordable for so little. Read my full review. This is the fastest beginner guitar instruction you can get. Beginner R&B Songs

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